At TradeNet Middle East, we offer an expansive range of services, which complement our projects.

The range of expert offerings includes:

Real Estate

TradeNet Middle East develops real estate projects, covering residential, healthcare, retail and hospitality experience. With a deep knowledge of the traditional Iraqi culture and heritage, we create developments that are true to the local needs and tastes of Iraqis. We are dedicated to community creation and development, across Iraq. Through these communities, we are committed to creating value for our various stakeholders, including the surrounding community, residents and tenants, the government and for Iraq on a national level.

Contracting and
Project Management

With the best-in-class partners, and powered by an experienced team, TradeNet Middle East manages the projects in its portfolio across all levels. Projects in Iraq are managed with international standards of professionalism, including controlling, structuring and auditing practices.

Sales and
Marketing services

By capitalizing on our expertise in the Iraqi market, TradeNet Middle East provides developers exploring opportunities in the country the tools needed to succeed. The scope includes, but is not limited to: marketing, digital media, sales strategies, sales showroom operations, consulting, contract drafts, , sales management and collections.

Structuring and
Financing Long Term Projects

With access to local and international financial institutions, TradeNet Middle East is well positioned to attract and receive funding for its various projects. Even more we work closely with local authorities in Iraq, the options of providing long-term financing to clients, including loan facilities, are available.

Market Studies and
Advisory Services

With successful projects in its portfolio and having worked closely with the National Investment Committee in Iraq, TradeNet Middle East offers the expertise required from project conceptualization to development. Our advisory team consults on new land inquiries and purchasing, as well as creates channels for access to financing.

Iraq, a nation of history and heritage… a country of many greats.

Every street in Iraq has a story to tell. Every village has volumes to speak.

Given its strategic location with rich natural resources and picturesque terrains, numerous civilizations have sweptthrough it, leaving their mark.

For hundreds of years, during the Abbasid rule, Iraq also served as the center oflearning for the Muslim world.


Ancient tales sweep through its cities.

Its culture is embedded proudly within its people.

We have already started envisioning a new Iraq.

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